Uploading your own content to CHATTERgo Knowledge Base

In additions to product information, CHATTERgo can also respond to questions from your own content.  Under the Content section, you can upload and index your data.  Currently, CHATTERgo supports the following data format:

  1. Manual content input (recommended):  You can paste your own text content and provide a URL (when the content is retrieved from knowledge base search, a link to this URL will be provided as part of the response)
  2. Web scrapping: You can provide a URL and CHATTERgo will scrape the content from the web page.  Please note that not all webpages can work this way, and CHATTERgo may also retrieve data not relevant to the core information (such as navigation, header & footer information, etc.)
  3. File Upload (txt, pdf, pptx, docx & xlsx formats):  You can upload your files to CHATTERgo and CHATTERgo will scrape the data.

For each content, you can select access control to "public" and/or "internal".  Public data will be accessible through your public widget, while Internal data will only be accessible through the internal chat.

You will need to click "index" at the content list for CHATTERgo to make the data available.